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Subject:  Re: Anti-Chomsky Date:  5/12/2003  1:01 PM
Author:  warizill Number:  9 of 17

You rememeber the events surrounding that war, yes? During which Chomsky proved to be wrong in just about every one of his predictions? I mean, dudes, why does anyone even listen to him anymore?

What predictions do you have in mind, Mr Cynic? I don't remember any claims about the US being after Afghani oil, could you provide a link? And don't use the word, "Chomskyans." It sounds inconversant.

You mean this quote?

Some guidelines were offered in a World Bank study that focused on Afghanistan's potential role in the development of the energy resources of the region. The study concluded that

Afghanistan has a positive pre-war history of cost recovery for key infrastructure services like electric power, and "green field" investment opportunities in sectors like telecommunications, energy, and oil/gas pipelines. It is extremely important that such services start out on the right track during reconstruction. Options for private investment in infrastructure should be actively pursued.

Not sure how you construe that as "the US is after their oil."

But, yes, Chomsky did make some silly claims after the Afghan war began. One of the more embarrassing predictions was his quoting of the "UN World Food Program" that millions of Afghanis would starve.

Here's the exact quote:

The UN World Food Program and others were able to resume some food shipments in early October, but were forced to suspend deliveries and distribution when the bombing began on October 7, resu