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Subject:  Re: financing Date:  5/20/2003  10:39 AM
Author:  mhtyler Number:  8444 of 20632

Barb said (about Las Vegas)"I guess you could say we had a love/hate relationship with the city!"

Thx for that Barb, after comments here I rethough buying vs. renting, and we've absolutely made the decision to rent. We're also looking back in Florida for that reason and others.

Our current house is so small and cheap that I can't make renting come out quite even, but by selling the house and reinvesting (and I'll put it in REITS that'll get at least 6%) the math comes close enough.

We also get the advantage of being able to move around alot. We've been looking at rents on the Atlantic and Gulf coast. They're cheaper on the latter, but I prefer the former, so we'll see. We want to be close to the beach, and we've found some properties within walking distance.

If we get tired of Florida (or Vegas for that matter) we can move in a heartbeat, and we can always buy a place later.

The downside: Privacy. I still remember everything from loud parties, arguing and fornicating coming through the next wall, and of course you have the Gestapo Management aspect.

Rent vs. buy has been hashed out on a dozen boards ad infinitum, so I'll leave it at that, but for now that's where we're headed.

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