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Subject:  Surprise Date:  5/28/2003  11:36 AM
Author:  bookgrrl Number:  570 of 2283

Parkway wrote:
Or are you just completeting this cycle because you had already started it at the time the RE recommended the IVF with preimplantation genetic testing?

Well, that was the plan, since the RE told me about PGD after we had already completed the CLomid cycle and the IUI. But it turns out that I'm pregnant. I tested positive on a HPT on Monday, then yesterday had my beta hCG checked - it was 1379 (at Day 19 post-ovulation, and Day 18 post-IUI).

We are completely dumbfounded. There's no way the IUI got me pregnant, since they made a mistake and inseminated me one day *after* I ovulated. (They had estimated, via the size of the follicles, that after the hCG shot, I'd ovulate in 2 days - but they were wrong, I ovulated the next day, so the IUI was too late). That fact, combined with my low progesterone level of 7 on Day 7 post-IUI, convinced us that there was no way Round 1 worked, so I began to prepare for the PGD.

I'm shocked and somewhat distressed about this. In our conversation a couple of weeks ago, my RE told me flat out that if I got pregnant on Clomid, I would miscarry (which is why he switched us to IVF with PGD). At this point, I'm just waiting for the miscarriage to happen. In the meantime, I'm afraid that this will bump me off the IVF waiting list (I'm scheduled to go in late August/September). I'm literally calculating the latest possible date I can have the D&C and still make a September IVF cycle.

For some reason, the doc's office doesn't want to repeat my beta (they're probably thinking there's no way I'll keep the pregnancy?). Instead, they've scheduled me for an ultrasound next Wednesday. I don't know what that can tell me, other than (1) is it a blighted ovum, and (2) is it an ectopic pregnancy. I've had lots of cramping, but no bleeding (yet).

I just want to get this over with quickly. I'm still adjusting to the news. How bad does life suck when you're just hoping that you miscarry early and at home?

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