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Subject:  Grrr.... Stupid people could cost me thousands Date:  5/29/2003  11:06 AM
Author:  babyfrog Number:  54932 of 128283

Why am I the one that has to bring a certified or cashier's check to closing? Why am I the one who had to get his credit run about fifteen times, have his financial life analyzed under a microscope, and pay hundreds of dollars in application fees?

I should be the one charging the banks, title companies, and other assorted nincompoops at this point. Absent a lightning strike, I am supposed to close on my first house this afternoon, at 1:00 p.m. Throughout this whole process, however, it has been nothing but a comedy of errors on the part of those so called 'professionals' who do this all the time.

FIRST, there was the loss of my earnest money from the selling relocation company. I wrote a check, got a receipt, and had the money accounted for on my purchase contract. But somehow, the sales addendum contract that the relocation company who is handling the seller's side of the equation, didn't account for the check on it, so 'poof', the contract they sent me was off by at least $2000. And of course, it was up to me, at my own time, to get that fixed.

THEN, my savings and loan lender screwed up the loan application, crediting my earnest money the wrong, so instead of being a $2000 credit against the down payment, it was credited as something else (not exactly sure what), but the end result was that the bank's numbers indicated that I