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Subject:  Re: I Finally Did It Date:  6/5/2003  2:40 PM
Author:  2gifts Number:  5340 of 8478

For the time being, I have started the accounts with monthly contributions into each account in the amount of $100. I think this figure will need to rise considerably to reach my goals but I felt it was more important just to get started and begin funding an account for each of them. As the dust settles, I will calculate out what the monthly contribution needs to be to reach my goals and then compare that with available funds and adjust accordingly.

Something that I have found works well for me is to start with a set amount as you have done, and raise it by $5 or $10 each period til it reaches the point that it's too much. Then back it down by the last increment, and stick with that. Then, every year, raise that amount by another $5-$10. I always did that at their birthday because it was a convenient time. At that point, you won't even notice it because it's only $10 vs. it being the entire $100 or whatever.

Something else that has worked for me and may work for others is that as expenses for my children have been eliminated, I have added that savings to what I set aside for college. So when they came out of diapers, I added the monthly diaper money to their college savings each month. And when they went from full-time daycare at a cost of $400 a week to full-time school with just afterschool care at a cost of $400 a month, I actually split the savings with them with half going into their college funds and half going to our retirement.

I actually started at something like $25 a week savings per child and have been at $100 per week per child for some time now. In addition, I still have other savings going to our retirement so that I feel like I'm funding both things.

The trick that I have found is to start small and then slowly ratchet it up. And if you do it with money you were already spending on them, you don't notice a thing.
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