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Subject:  cleaning out the garage Date:  6/29/2003  1:25 PM
Author:  SoftSimp Number:  6925 of 37699

This weekend we pulled everything out of the garage and piled it all on the driveway. I am now working on cleaning the spider eggs off it all and putting it back, and there is a whole lot of stuff we'd like to sell/discard/donate.

It seems like whenever a family member moves, we somehow wind up with all the "good" stuff that they no longer want. We haven't been able to park in our garage for about 2 years!!

The best stuff we have to get rid of is probably some exercise equipment (stepper, resistance bench, exercise bike(s). I was thinking about selling some of this stuff online, but I think shipping costs would be prohibitive. Any thoughts there? We also have a lot of books, some in very good condition. We also have some limited edition ceramics and prints I inherited from my grandmother.

I'm thinking that the order I should do this is:

1. Discard - anything that's broken or too yucky for someone to want.
2. Sell online - the collectable type stuff that could fetch a higher price given a wider audience.
3. Garage sale - anything that's too bulky or doesn't sell online. DH has volunteered to sit at it.
4. Donate - anything that doesn't sell that I still believe has some life left in it and might be worth hauling to Goodwill (or another charity - I'm open to suggestions).
5. Discard - anything that's left that I don't believe I'll use in the next 6 months.

Does anyone see any problems with this plan of action?

The discarding part is the hardest for me. I am a big-time packrat. I have small peices of scrap lumber, rusty screws, baskets out the wazoo, etc. Any suggestions on how to get myself to truly "let go" of some of this stuff? It helps that I've finally realized that space and being able to locate stuff is also worth something, so I'm not as driven by the thought that I might need it one day as I used to be. Still, it'll really bother me if I should find myself in the position of needing to purchase something that I discarded - but I have to draw the line. (I'm into gardening and we own a rental property, so I actually do find a use for a lot of this stuff on occasion - I'm just to the point that I need the space to save my sanity!)

Also, we've never had a garage sale before, so I could use some advice. A "how-to" checklist would be awesome!

All thoughts and suggestions welcome, pro or con. Thanks!

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