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Subject:  Re: I need bedroom clothing storage help Date:  7/8/2003  5:08 PM
Author:  SoftSimp Number:  6994 of 37699

I don't mind cheap but I'm trying to at least pretend I no longer live in a dorm.

This may be tacky, or a little dorm-room-ish, but you can build very inexpensive clothes-hanging poles out of PVC piping and some caster wheels. Then put the things on wheels and hide them behind a curtain or a folding screen. The most expensive part would be the fabric, which makes sense because that would be the only thing you'd see. It might even be a beautiful accent to your room, if you get creative with it.

To build the clothes racks, use a piece of PVC pipe (which is very easy to cut with a hacksaw) for the top, then elbow joints to connect the top pipe to the side pipes, then a T-joint on the bottom of either side pole with another, short piece of pipe for the bottom. Use more elbows at either end of the bottom poles and attach the caster wheels to them. Voila - you have rolling storage which keep your clothes wrinkle-free and in easy view. Simply pull the curtain aside, roll out the rack that has the clothes you're looking for, and roll it back. You could store a whole lot of clothes this way in a relatively small space.

If you want to make these into permanent clothes racks, you can put them together very securely using PVC glue. Or you could leave them unglued for easy tear-down and storage, in case you want to move them.

If you do this using floor to ceiling curtain with pretty fabric in two layers to hide the racks, one to hang down and one to tie back with fancy ties, this could be quite beautiful. Maybe match the fabric to your bedspread.

Just a thought.

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