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Subject:  Balance Transfers - A Silver Bullet? Date:  7/16/2003  11:16 AM
Author:  rah1420 Number:  164783 of 312187

Okay, I've seen a few replies to posts that promote a balance transfer as a panacea for pretty much everything from interest rate hikes to getting rid of flatworms to the cure for the common cold.

I just thought I'd put my two cents in (and why is it that they only offer a penny for your thoughts?) and mention that a balance transfer (although really Nifty and Keen) is not the way that some people can go.

I have a marginally prime FICO score, such that most lenders won't touch me with a ten foot pole. They do enjoy sending me credit card offers, but somehow they all have a reason why I shouldn't get a card at this time. Most of them are "proportion of credit balance to available credit too high" or some such nonsense.

In this case, dangling a balance transfer in front of me is like holding the banana just out of reach of the monkey in the cage. Looks great, it'd be tasty if I could only... just... get... to... the... next... level. But I can't.

So before you go dashing off your two word reply, stop to think -- then start again -- and imagine what it would be like if you DIDN'T have all those pesky balance transfer offers clogging your mailbox. Or better yet, if the lenders all sent them to you with subprime terms, or prime terms but then reneged when the credit report was pulled? How would you feel then?

I would wager that a lot of people here are in those straits. Try to think out of the box about other solutions. Besides, it raises the level of creativity in here if we get more than One-Note-Charlie saying "BT, BT, BT" all the time. :-{)

Just food for thought. Maybe it is worth only a penny.

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