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Subject:  Re: Balance Transfers - A Silver Bullet? Date:  7/16/2003  12:48 PM
Author:  SoftSimp Number:  164798 of 312137

In this case, dangling a balance transfer in front of me is like holding the banana just out of reach of the monkey in the cage. Looks great, it'd be tasty if I could only... just... get... to... the... next... level. But I can't.

While I find those bananas quite motivating, I can see how they'd be nothing more than frustrating if for some reason they kept being yanked away.

The question that's left in my mind after reading your well written and thought provoking post is... why can't you? Get to the next level, I mean.

Having been, on a few occasions, in a situation where my current expenses far exceeded my current means, I know that that's a tough situation to overcome, but in almost all instances I truly believe that it can be overcome. Sometimes it means making some unappetizing decisions, such as downgrading a car or a living arrangement, but if your current means don't support your current standard of living, hanging onto that standard will only make the problem worse.

Meaning, if there are still things you can change but haven't changed yet because you find them distasteful, you'll never get your banana. Having had my bananas yanked on a number of occasions, I know whereof I speak.

And, for the record, I think your post was worth more than the 2 cents you priced it at, so I snatched it up. Vhat a deal!

BTW, BuckMizer, I gave your post another rec - you're up to 32 on that one now. :)

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