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Subject:  Re: Balance Transfers - A Silver Bullet? Date:  7/16/2003  1:53 PM
Author:  Allisonh2 Number:  164808 of 312185

I can definitely relate to your post....I have worked hard the past year and have paid off Providian Visa, MBNA, and Sears. Yet my Fico remains at the not so good score of 636. Why? Again too much debt/income ratio or some such nonense. I owe on two Capital One credit cards, one at 17% (898.00) and one at 14% - $1898.00. The limit on Cap One #1 is $1100.00 and Cap One #2 is 2100.00. Then there is the obstinate collection agency one from St. Lukes Hospital of $33.00 from 1997 still remaining on the report, even though it has been paid off quite some time ago! Seems like that one simply won't fall off of my credit report - sigh! I do have a couple of late payments (over 30 days from the past year or so) so I suppose that has hurt my FICO as well.

So, although I do receive these tempting 0% balance transfer offers, it's like dangling a carrot in front of me as well. I know better to even think about filling in the appllications that I receive 1) Even inquire about it or fill in an application because you definitely do not want too many credit inquiries showing up on your report.
So, as tempting as the 0% offers are to me, I know I am still not eligible for them. Heck, by the time I am eligible for them, I'll have those 2 credit cards paid off!!

Just my 2 Cents worth!!
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