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Subject:  Re: Student loan or Car loan: A Decision Date:  7/25/2003  10:03 PM
Author:  windyelliott Number:  166196 of 312185

"on the job thing, I guess I fail to understand why people are worried about taking a new job. Where's the risk?"

I have a sys admin friend who recent left a job at PEC for what was going to be a great job at a new company. He was going to get promoted to managment and get a huge raise. He wasn't there longer then 4 weeks before he was laid off because of downsizing. My guess is that this is rare, but it does happen and when it happens it sucks. Luckily he was only out of work for a week before he was employed again, but in this job market he was very lucky.

I think that most of the risk with a new job is that it won't be what you thought it would be, so you get there and realize that you can't stand the folks you work for or what you are doing.

Some folks decide it isn't worth it and try to get out only to find out there is no place to go.

I have personal experience with this one. I got hired away from a wonderful company with a promise of new challenges and more money. When I got there I found out the place was a management disaster and the clients were always upset and disappointed with our work and the salesman were always selling products that hadn't been designed yet. It was a nightmare. I decided to try to get out, but found that my company had such a bad reputation that nobody wanted to hire their people! It sucked. I finally walked out and was out of work for a week before I found my current job.

I guess what I am trying to say is that new jobs are always a risk. Some industries are probably more risky then others, but I think some degree of risk is always there.
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