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Subject:  Re: Difficulties with Intercourse Date:  8/1/2003  4:17 PM
Author:  Selphiras Number:  895 of 2283

No idea if this will really help at all, but some of it might. regarding your pain/discomfort with sex. Have you ever heard of vaginal vestibulitis or vulvodynia (I hope I'm spelling those correctly). Essentially, they mean painful vaginal areas (people use the terms variously, but they essentially mean the same thing). I have this condition. Unfortunately, sex has remained fairly painful for me, although it's slightly better than it used to be.

There are some treatments for this condition. In particular, since you get overstimluated i'm thinking of the one that absolutely killed anything for me--a topical anesthetic. I had to use to not have pain. Unfortunately, they thought it might be killing the sperm (although my research said the opposite), so my doc said to not try it. Ok, that's just the opposite of what you want to hear, but it might work for you. See, it really deadened most all sensations down there (and I only used it directly on the vaginal area, not up higher). I also would use it after sex, so that the pain would go away faster.

Less drastic, there's a diet that helps some people, a low oxalate diet. I tried it for a couple years (just told people I was allergic to the foods). It may have helped, but we rarely had sex during those years, so I'm not certain.

Estrogen cream is also prescribed for it. I think it's supposed to toughen up the skin. Did this at the same time as the diet so again, not sure if it helped or not. I think some people also go the testosterone route.

I also joined a list serve of other with the same condition. It was quite helpful. If you do this, just be forewarned: there are women out there with extrememly worse conditions. I often felt like my pain was almost nothing so what did I have to complain about. And then I'd worry that it would get a lot worse like their's. but I did gets lots of advice that helped out.

By the way, being pregnant and giving birth (preferrably naturally, but also possible C-section) has been shown to improve or cure the condition in some women. We were really hoping! unfortunately, I'm rather like your DH with a low lo sex drive and DH would jump in the sack every day at a moment's notice, so it's a lot harder for us to deal with that it seems to be for you. :(


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