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Subject:  Re: Difficulties with Intercourse Date:  8/1/2003  6:00 PM
Author:  Parkway Number:  899 of 2283

Ah yes. I do not mean the following question sarcastically. How do we get the sperm if the only time DH ejaculates is during vaginal sex? (manual manipulation doesn't do it.)

From the article Alison posted the other day - remember, the numbers are several years out of date:

Sperm Aspiration

Sometimes perfectly healthy sperm get stranded inside the epididymis. Scar tissue from sterilization or cancer surgery can block the vas deferens, or the vas may simply have been missing from birth. For the 100,000 couples facing this problem, sperm aspiration may help.

For this technique, the doctor, using an operating microscope, suctions sperm from the epididymis through an incision in the scrotum. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, but the man can go home the same day. After sperm have been microsurgically removed, they are bathed in special enzymes that mimic those found in the epididymis. These enzymes help sperm mature and develop good motility. Once prepared, the sperm are mixed with eggs during a typical IVF cycle since they are too weak to get to the egg naturally.

About fifty U.S. centers perform sperm aspiration, and several hundred women have become pregnant with aspirated sperm, with about 11 percent giving birth. The handful of centers that perform direct injection of sperm now use aspirated sperm, and they have been able to achieve about a 30 percent pregnancy rate. At Cornell, among eighteen selected couples where aspirated sperm was directly injected into the egg, nine women became pregnant.

Not saying this is an answer for you, just trying to address one very specific question.

- Parkway

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