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Subject:  Re: Difficulties with Intercourse Date:  8/3/2003  1:54 PM
Author:  wrnglrjan Number:  908 of 2283

The challenge is to arouse DH and arouse me, while keeping me relaxed so I don't get overstimulated. For me arousal is all in my head, for DH it's in his body. It's tricky to get everything coordinated. The trouble is timing. I need to get somewhat aroused, but at the right time so DH still has an erection.

Hi Megan!

If I'm reading this all right, you've got two separate issues, related only by the intercourse thing. (1) You want to get pregnant and (2) you would like to have a satisfying sex life with each other. Is that right?

I sense that you've got a plan to get to (2). But I have a suggestion about (1).

You say you are able to masturbate to orgasm. You might try doing that before DH is even awake in the morning, then awakening him and letting him "do his thing". This will most likely increase both your lubrication and your elasticity. There would be no time pressure whatsoever on you, so you could be completely relaxed during this time. This way, sex afterward would be more comfortable for you (probably), which seems like it would help your DH enjoy it more, increasing the likelihood of orgasm and ejaculation (and, therefore, pregnancy).

This isn't the most romantic of solutions, I realize, but it seems like it might help.

I have some other thoughts, which I'll share when I have a little more time. The above just jumped out at me (in my head) as a possibility.

:) Jan

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