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Subject:  Re: When did you realize and where are you now? Date:  8/7/2003  9:59 AM
Author:  ChocoKitty Number:  129 of 5245

So why did you choose this as a specialty to being with? I know most people don't like work, but I'd think you would have chosen something that you thought you would like.

As much as it sounds like a cop-out, it was basically chosen for me. I was *told* since when I was a kid that I would be an electrical engineer, and that was that. No arguments allowed (yep, typical Asian family here! Ever wonder why there are so many Chinese doctors, scientists and engineers? Now you know -- never underestimate Asian family pressure!). No other field, and no other type of *engineering* was acceptable. According to him, studying math or physics was impractical, mechanical or chemical engineering meant low job prospects, and heaven forbid I would ever do something as "useless" as *gasp* liberal arts ("liberal arts" was practically a swear word in my house when I was in school). My last-ditch effort to rebel and go to music school was met with "over my dead body" from Dad. I had little money for college, and my parents didn't save anything, so I went to the school he taught at to get free tuition and my scholarship.

OK, so with the money and the job security I have now, I suppose it was the "right" decision. And I think now he's figured out that no, I'm NOT him and don't share his interests simply because I share his genes. I'm still not much better at speaking up and standing up for myself, but I'm working on it.

I've adjusted my attitude and my career path so that I get to do more of what I like in my job (write, even if it's on a topic that doesn't really interest me) while minimizing what I don't like (nasty partners, nasty clients, technology that bores me more than usual, etc.). I guess that's part of being a grown-up, working with what you have. If it weren't for this job, saving for FIRE in comfort wouldn't be as easy. It's very easy to LBYM when you have high M. And for that, I'm grateful. But that doesn't keep me from wanting to be FIREd.

(always adjusting)
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