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Subject:  Re: FIRE checker for Fools Date:  8/15/2003  5:27 PM
Author:  Eldrehad Number:  439 of 5245

Thanks for complimenting my post....

Just calling 'em like I see 'em. :-)

I agree with you that there isn't a formula to fit everyone into one "bucket" - different people have different realistic goals. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my post getting 38 replies to it! For being around only 2 weeks, this FIRE board is really burning it up - pardon the pun.

Let's hope it always maintains the spirit it is starting out with. Some of the other boards (not mentioning names) have had the tendency to turn into nothing more than insult-hurling shouting matches once they become too popular.

That's fine over on PA (and I've shouted there once or twice myself, but it's par for the course there - though I do try to refrain from the personal insult), but I hope it never plagues this board.



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