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Subject:  companies to ponder Date:  8/27/2003  12:27 AM
Author:  obenation Number:  11 of 66


So to contribute to the success of this board, I'd like to tell you about some stocks that may be of interest. Some I own, some I'm considering positions in. I'll specify for each one.

To let you know, my investing style is medium term (few months to a year), aggressive growth, high risk tolerance. I'm looking for small companies that aren't that well known, often times aren't yet profitable, but that have potential for huge rewards (and conversely big-time losses).

The first one I want to talk about is American Technology Corporation, or ATCO. I found it after reading a fascinating article in the Sunday NYT magazine about its sound technology. I'm going to try to print that article below. Anyway, in a nutshell, this technology enables you to direct sound such that the only person who can hear it is the person standing in its path, even long distances away. Its potential applications are everything from law enforcement to point of sales sounds to many military applications. Here's a paragraph from that article to illustrate:

Imagine, he says, walking by a soda machine (say, one of the five million in Japan that will soon employ HSS), triggering a proximity detector, then hearing what you alone hear -- the plink of ice cubes and the invocation, "Wouldn't a Coke taste g