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Subject:  Re: Poll: Your parents...Foolish or not? Date:  8/29/2003  10:46 AM
Author:  96hokies Number:  595 of 5232

I voted :My parents showed me what NOT to do with money!

Although my mom did very well for herself in her career, she always had too much of everything. Big houses, mercedes, designer clothes for everyone (even me in grade school), super high credit card balances, etc. She and my step-dad paid for my college and handed even me a car when I was 16. I won't say I wasn't spoiled rotten because I WAS. Now that I've been on my own, gotten married, bought/sold homes and cars my DH and I are becoming Foolish.

Mom calls from time to time "Quicken is out of balance and I don't know what happened." I say, "by how much?" Response "28 thousand!" I gave up that instant.

I've tried to explain that they should move from an expensive area (Fairfax, VA) to a lesser expensive one. Won't do it. I try to explain that there is no sense in having THOUSANDS of dollars of wood in your living room when you aren't using it (mom is a decorative painter and woodworker in her retirement -- strictly hobby she doesn't have the "sales" gene and just ends up giving it all away.)

She has her gov't retirement and that's IT! I know that if she lives to an old age I'll be supporting her somewhat and have tried like hell to get her to change her spending habits but it all falls on deaf ears.

When we lost $50k on our home in NY recently she called offering money... I said "we've got it covered, but what money do you think you HAVE to offer?" I think that may have hit home. She couldn't have helped and that freaked her out a bit.

Oh well, enough of this. If her DH ever loses his job they will be in a world of hurt and hopefully then she will cutback.

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