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Subject:  Re: Poll: Your parents...Foolish or not? Date:  8/30/2003  12:06 AM
Author:  snippee Number:  600 of 5138

Is it my turn to brag about my Foolish parents? (loooooooooooong)

They married right out of college (well, Dad had been out a year) in 1966. The kitchen table they bought - a wood one - now sits in our house. My mom always tells me how thrilled she was to buy it. She didn't think they'd have enough money for a wood table and would have to get an old formica one. (Which she could probably sell on eBay for big "retro" bucks theses days, but i digress.) I'm wondering what they sacrificed for that table...

Dad told me that his mother gave them a box of random non-perishable food for their first apartment. Money was usually tight 'round month's end. He said if it weren't for some of the soup Granny had given them, they'd have gone hungry a few times.

They bought a 3BR/1.75 new l'il ranch in 1969 and had to borrow $700 from my mom's parents as a down payment. (The house cost $20K.) Grandmother later told Mom that she and Grandfather never thought they'd see that money again. (My parents paid that back first - and within a few months.)

They thought they'd trade up a few years down the line, but the interest rates went insane in the 70s and they stayed put. By the time the 80s rolled around, there really wasn't much point in moving, since they'd be empty nesters in ten years. So, as my dad says, their starter home became their retirement home.

They had one car until they bought a Fiat convertible in the early 1970s f