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Subject:  Re: It does hurt sometimes Date:  8/30/2003  8:42 PM
Author:  blackmare Number:  168845 of 312149

Yes, I could have avoided the penalties & interest if I'd been able to file, and pay, my taxes on time. But I wasn't. Part of what happened was my Dad passed away in the middle of December and by April I was still a wreck, not to mention that I hadn't had any mural work since the first couple weeks of January, so my income was half what it had been; plus, I'd been forced to use most of the money I'd saved for my taxes, to pay the deductible & other costs of an auto accident I was in last year.

If I'd had an adequate e-fund this would not have been a problem, but I built only the tax fund and no e-fund while I had real money coming in. I went out to dinner a lot instead, and frittered away I know not how much. Duh.

So it is that I have penalties and interest to pay, which actually amounted to about $130, but a slight overpayment of my taxes took care of the first $60.

This won't happen again if I can help it. Also, I'm going to find a different accountant. I love my old one, but he's in Tampa (2 hours away), and I just have a gut feeling that somehow he's...slipping a little. I already wondered about that, and the fact that I overpaid according to the IRS makes me think it's time to start looking for someone else.

Now...I have got to return a phone call from ANOTHER person looking for a mural! :-) Sweet.

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