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Subject:  Re: BOA Ticked Me OFF Date:  9/4/2003  4:14 PM
Author:  Wingenit Number:  169041 of 312189

They should refund the charge since it is your first one & it is only one day late.

In the future, if it is going to be close, it always helps to call them up & let them know in advance. Usually they will make a notation that you are trying to pay on time, so that if it arrives late you can have the charge removed. Or this worked for us back when we were skating along, robbing Peter to pay Paul & all that (ah, college!).

Try to be patient with your wife. My husband is a recovering spend-a-holic and it helped me to focus on the long-term improvements instead of the day-to-day flubs. For example, maybe he overspent by $100 this month, but he was overspending by $500 a few months ago, so we're getting better.

And here is what I have found to be true as the freak-out queen: when he does do something irresponsible with money, and has to admit it to me, the less I freak out, the faster he tells me next time. If you are wigging out every time, she is just going to go to greater lengths to keep things from you -- not a happy situation in any happy marriage. It will make her feel cornered & treated like a kid instead of an equal partner.

Just my two cents!

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