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Subject:  Re: BOA Ticked Me OFF Date:  9/7/2003  7:19 PM
Author:  dianakalt Number:  169212 of 312185

Dr. Laura is filled with hate...lots of hateful rhetoric directed at people who value different things in their lives than she does. She is more judgmental and hurtful than helpful, in my opinion. And she is a hypocrite based on how she led her past life and the photos that eventually surfaced. In addition to that, the insensitivity she shows towards many types of people, including children with disabilities, is sickening. She is not a loving individual...she doesn't love the human race...she is mean and spiteful when she talks...and her hate oozes out of her pores even when she tries to cover it up ...and I don't want that hate reaching out to my ears. But to each his/her own.

So, in case you haven't guessed, I am not a big fan of hers ;-). haha....

I have probably listened to as much of Dr. Laura and read as many of her books as anyone, and I swear, people should REALLY try reading and truly listening to what she has to say. She certainly has demons in her past, which I have seen her acknowledge, but almost everyone does. The person that she is NOW is not mean, hateful, and spiteful. She is a remarkably consistent person who advocates that people be responsible to their children and families and that they stop rationalizing current poor choices with past feelings. The media loves to take what she says completely out of context, and if most reasonable folks actually heard the entirety of what she says on controversial topics rather than the snippets that her enemies decide to pull out, they'd probably have a completely different impression.

Please do not take this to mean that I agree with Dr. Laura on everything. I do not. I just don't find her particularly hypocritical and I don't find her to be hateful.

I'd suggest that anyone who think she is so hateful, particularly those who think she hates homosexuals, read the beginning portions of the book "The New Thought Police" by Tammy Bruce. Bruce is an openly gay liberal woman who is a former president of LA NOW. Her book recounts efforts to smear Dr. Laura that she witnessed from the inside of the gay and women's movements. Interesting reading.
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