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Subject:  Re: BOA Ticked Me OFF Date:  9/7/2003  8:53 PM
Author:  greendolphin Number:  169216 of 312159

This is SOOOOOO off-topic...

Someone recommended Dr. Laura to a Fool within this string (which was originally "on topic" issues, remember!) and then others stated whether they liked Dr. Laura or not. I joined in with ONE post to state my opinion. But....since my post on the matter was just quoted and some interesting remarks were added to help me out in terms of my foggy thinking....I feel obliged to respond to that person ;-).
So, just one more on this topic from me:

dianakalt stated:

I have probably listened to as much of Dr. Laura and read as many of her books as anyone, and I swear, people should REALLY try reading and truly listening to what she has to say.


The media loves to take what she says completely out of context, and if most reasonable folks actually heard the entirety of what she says on controversial topics rather than the snippets that her enemies decide to pull out, they'd probably have a completely different impression.


I'd suggest that anyone who think she is so hateful, particularly those who think she hates homosexuals, read the beginning portions of the book "The New Thought Police" by Tammy Bruce. Bruce is an openly gay liberal woman who is a former president of LA NOW. Her book recounts efforts to smear Dr. Laura that she witnessed from the inside of the gay and women's movements. Interesting reading.

You conveniently left out the rest of the title of her book, though (HAHAH! I was cracking up when I went to to see what that "reasonable" book was about...the rest of the title is "...Inside the Left's Assault on Free Speech and Free Minds."

(I'm sure you are aware of a popular book by a homosexual man who was on "the right" who tried to expose all the horrors that were done behind the scenes...Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an's difficult to decide what is credible when someone writes any of these types of books since they are out to make some dough, eh?)

Everyone has their opinion on things...I love opinionated people for entertainment, like Al Franken, he has a great sense of humor and a new book out which is driving people crazy. But he can be somewhat of an attack dog (albeit an intelligent one) so I would NEVER use him as a credible example in an argument where I need someone't hate anyone!! Don't ya think?

I have no idea what that has to do with what I originally said anyway! I mentioned Dr. Laura not being kind in terms of issues with children and disabilities...and that she is generally a hateful person.

And I stand by what I said.

AND.....I've heard the entirety of what Dr. Laura has said on many, many topics. I also have read the entirety of many things that she has written over the years. I'm not talking about anything taken out of context, I don't rely on snippets from the press for ANYTHING (that's not the proper way to do research or make up one's mind about anything that counts).

She imposes HER values on others and if they don't agree with her then she belittles them. That is not what someone trying to HELP people does. That's all I was saying.

I don't agree with her on many issues. But more than that...I don't think she is doing anything more than trying to mold people to become the sort of person she wasn't (and now hopes people think she is)- not necessarily a better person, because that's just a value judgment,isn't it?

That's really NOT what therapists do, for example. Not that she's trying to pass herself off as a credible radio therapist or anything...

Anyway, gotta get back to some important things on these boards that are on topic, because this is too much of a distraction since I'd love to debate for days ;-).


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