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Subject:  Re: BOA Ticked Me OFF Date:  9/7/2003  8:53 PM
Author:  greendolphin Number:  169216 of 310649

This is SOOOOOO off-topic...

Someone recommended Dr. Laura to a Fool within this string (which was originally "on topic" issues, remember!) and then others stated whether they liked Dr. Laura or not. I joined in with ONE post to state my opinion. But....since my post on the matter was just quoted and some interesting remarks were added to help me out in terms of my foggy thinking....I feel obliged to respond to that person ;-).
So, just one more on this topic from me:

dianakalt stated:

I have probably listened to as much of Dr. Laura and read as many of her books as anyone, and I swear, people should REALLY try reading and truly listening to what she has to say.