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Subject:  Re: My wife, the inventor inventor Date:  9/16/2003  12:41 PM
Author:  JonBeer Number:  38939 of 181343

The 'big deal' is:

(1) "Down" is the "put away" state for a toilet seat. It's just custom. It's like ... uh ... putting the tailgate up on the truck, or closing cabinet doors or returning your tray table to the upright and locked position.

Not in my house it's not. I'm a guy and live on my own. The most used position is up, so that's where it stays. If someone puts it down though, I don't make a big deal of it (unless it's someone who makes a big deal of making sure I leave it down at their place!) I just move it to the most useful position for the current operation next time I'm there.

(2) The underside of the toilet seat is often not all that pleasant to look at, people. The seat itself stays relatively clean, but the underside ... ick.

My god, what sort of household do you run? I'm a single guy living alone without a maid, and I manage to keep the bottom of MY toilet seat clean! What's wrong with you? Maybe if you left it up, you'd notice when it was getting dirty, so you could clean it before it got so "ick"?

Hoping this helps (but still enjoying telling mum to leave the seat up when she's done... while she's under my roof she'll live by my rules!)

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