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Subject:  Re: Stock Market Math Date:  10/6/2003  10:02 AM
Author:  BuildMWell Number:  37401 of 88542

This math professor is no investor, he is an idiot. At best, he is a gambler. Investors buy great stocks at the right prices and they are patient enough to wait for their rewards.

This guy is a risk taking gambler who does not even understand diversification. And, here he is trying to sell his book that teaches the wrong conclusions based on his wrong headed investing techniques. This is a sacrilege in my book.

The math is simple...he just is too stupid to see the math. Let me show the curve to you. Here is the curve for a company that I do not happen to like, but it makes my point to perfection. Let's look at General Motors Corporation.

Now, there is only one thing anyone needs to know about GM. GM is a consumer cyclical stock. So goes the economy, so goes GM. Times are good, GM goes up...times are tough, GM goes down. Look at the graph...think about where we have been with the economy.

Anyone can make money buying and selling GM stock. It is a no-brainer but it takes patience. GM cycles over years...not over days or months. You could buy GM in 1996 at about $30. You could sell in 2001 at $85. Several months ago it was back around $30. I am willing to bet it will top $80 within five years. In other words, an investor can expect to almost triple his or her money in GM in five years by doing nothing but buying and holding the stock. In the meantime, GM pays a fairly nice dividend. I have done this with GM for many years. It is a no brainer and that is why I do not really prefer to invest in GM. I can do much better with other great businesses.

To me, that is what an investor does...the math is clear. What this math professor was doing was not investing. But, writing a book about what he actually did is stupidity. He is about sophomore level in my book...he is no professor when it comes to investing. He isn't real good at math either. That scares me. He is teaching others. People believe what this jerk says...they even pay good money to hear his wise words. Yep, that is very, very scary to me.
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