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Subject:  Re: I have a collection!!! Date:  10/6/2003  4:56 PM
Author:  joelcorley Number:  171153 of 310650


You wrote, In the eyes of the CRA and the collection agency, it is his debt, because the medical insurance account is under his name and social security number. He is the only one able to make additions, deletions and changes to the account, so he is solely liable for the usage of said account. It is very much like a spouse using your credit card as an authorized user. It's your account, and you allow others to use it. But you're responsible for whatever they do with it - not them - ever. If you want to hold them responsible, you need to sue them. And how often do people sue their own spouse (separations excluded)?

You're analogy is flawed. Suppose my XSO a