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Subject:  Re: I have a collection!!! Date:  10/6/2003  8:16 PM
Author:  joelcorley Number:  171159 of 310604


You wrote, You're thinking irrationally. It's never about who would win the case, but who has the resources (time, people and money) to fight the case. They'll have you beat hands down every time. Nevertheless, I'll bet the world that you'd lose the case. Why? Because it's your insurance! Believe it or not, you, and only you are responsible for your accounts! It's not you're wife's responsibility because it's not her account. If you want her to pay it, you have to pay it first, and sue her separately for the money. It's not anyone else's fault or problem that you and your wife or ex-wife don't communicate. It never was, it never is, and it never will be. You're in denial man!

Perhaps. It's certainly about who would win the case. But I think I have the resources to win it. And I'm pretty skeptical that they would fight me over $83. What's more, I'm not just talking about waiting unt