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Subject:  Re: I have a collection!!! Date:  10/7/2003  1:46 PM
Author:  lizmonster Number:  171186 of 312159

And if you give them old card info and they find out after shipping, they could indeed report you for nonpayment if they don't receive updated card info after 30 days.

I think we're talking at cross-purposes here. If they have my current card and try to charge the old one by mistake, then I believe the onus is on them to contact me and let me know.

Of course, for on-line retailers this won't happen, because they don't ship diddly before authorizing your CC.

As to what happened in Joel's case - it's not clear to me that the doctor even had the current insurance information, or that Joel is still legally obligated to cover his wife's medical expenses. If he is still required to cover her, then I think the doctor's office has a right to collect, regardless of whether or not they handled the mis-billing properly. I also think he's got a good argument for getting the thing off of his credit report.

If he's not still obligated to cover her...well, I guess I don't know. If she's going around submitting fraudulent and invalid insurance information, it doesn't seem to me he should be liable. But I do know "should" doesn't always have much to do with the law.


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