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Subject:  Re: I have a collection!!! Date:  10/7/2003  2:23 PM
Author:  joelcorley Number:  171188 of 312189


You wrote, No you aren't. But it is only the ones who either have been through this situation, or who have heard lawyers saying that this situation IS a problem, who are disgreeing with you. If that doesn't raise alarm bells and get you to a lawyer, nothing will.

I'm not going to hire a lawyer to fight an $83 bill. That's just plain crazy. And any lawyer worth his retainer would certainly tell me that as soon as I explained the situation. Besides, the only options are to fight or to pay it off. The most they can do is to tell me their opinion and that's likely to cost me more than just relying on my own interpretation of the law.

Well, there may be an inexpensive alternative. SMU used to operate a free legal advice clinic. It's only available for one or two hours a month. I've used it in the past; but I don't think I still have their phone number. If I can find them again, I may give them a call -- after I've gotten the CA to validate the debt first.

- Joel
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