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Subject:  Re: poverty level Date:  10/11/2003  5:09 PM
Author:  sumap10 Number:  97 of 1701

How little would my 'income' have to be?

For all income based discounts, some organizations look at all your assets, and others don't. In other words, say you show so much interest and dividend income which is reported on your income tax. Say this total amount qualifies you for free or reduced fee services; It might not matter that you withdraw $30,000/year by cashing a stock or some such.

Just last month, I called a social service agency to get counseling help for an 83-year old who was traumatized by her recent move to a retirement community. Based on her income she qualified for free service. I told them she had money in an IRA and did that make a difference: No, they said; they don't look at that.

My local phone company only charges $8/mo for low income, and they don't look at assets. Big help.

There are 50 million social service agencies out there that most of us have never looked at or thought about. (.....and you were wondering why our deficit is so big?????). Do you know that Senior Services will even take over paying all your bills and all your finances for you? Think I'll pass on that one, but did you know it even exists? I have a "thing" for helping the elderly, and in doing so, I've uncovered all kinds of help I never dreamed existed - not just for the elderly, either. Apparently, there are free medical clinics available. When I was getting a lab test the other day, ther