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Subject:  Re: a question about selling Date:  10/21/2003  12:48 AM
Author:  Larry01Gott Number:  861 of 3436

When to sell? "Ah yes", said Shakespeare, "there's the rub!" [not that BUYING is easy...]

First, a response to (1) EID's list from (2) Bill Mann's interpretation of (3) Phillip Fisher's ideas... (well, enough of that)

The three reasons listed for selling are:
1. When the reason for the original purchase is flawed,
2. When a company no longer qualifies as a top performer, and
3. When you have a better place to put your money.

In my post #200, which was titled "How I select my stocks", who remembers my first sentence? You get a 100 if you remember.
Here it is: It was in bold there, so it's in bold here:
The question one should always ask regularly is this, “Is my hard-earned money in the very best possible place that it can be?”

So, yes, working from the bottom up, #3 is an important consideration.
The way it worked for me, is when within the last month I "ran the numbers (and non-numbers)" on LEXR-Lexar Media and SNDK-SanDisk, they came out so high in the "Gott ratings" that I had to buy them. And something else had to go to make room.

What about #2 above?
In my post #218, which was an addendum to "How I select my stocks",
I said, (not in bold):
"But if you don't have a rating/ranking sy