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Subject:  Re: Condo down payment source (long) Date:  10/28/2003  12:02 PM
Author:  FriedaChopsticks Number:  1199 of 5245

BF is high.

Ha ha ha. This is something that I would say. But probably not about BF and not while trying to explain my point.

We talked about it more in depth last night and he's completely on board now. Fools were SO helpful, thank you. I think I used a little bit of everyone's arguments, but the one that tripped on the lightbulb of recognition was not wanting to put all of my eggs in one basket. He can understand that.

The real estate market has all the hallmarks of a bubble in many areas, and he is playing right into it. Let me guess: he's never seen a down RE market, right?

This is something I mentioned when we talked about it last night. He's not completely confident in this, because in the long run it goes up, he says. I reminded him that if we're talking long run, the stock market does the same and it is much more liquid. If I need cash, I can sell a few stocks, but not a porch. (Thanks, CK!) Ahhh... there's the light.

Finally, he and I also discussed keeping the IRAs as individual property after marriage, which he completely understands. He said that there are contracts we can draw up that will help clearly define the IRAs as individual property. I could go on about this, but I'm sure whacky Wisconsin laws and contracts are not all that interesting to Fools... ;)

But I feel better. He was completely interested in all the points; I think he just wanted it explained in terms that were more eloquent than "my gut tells me its a bad idea."

Thanks again!!

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