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Subject:  Re: Buying the inexpensive Date:  11/6/2003  10:20 AM
Author:  TMFUberman Number:  444 of 10687

Hi, Adiletante.

What I would recommend is just going to Best Buy or Circuit City (or Sears, if they are having one of their weekend sales) and just looking at the TVs there. Picture quality from set to set is very different, and IMHO is very much a matter of personal taste.

For example, people on this board tend to go on and on about how great Sony XBR picture quality is. Personally, I think it is a very overrated line of televisions. Not to say that others on this board (or elsewhere) are wrong--it's just for my money, I don't think Sony justifies its price for the quality of TV it produces.

My main TV is a 34" Toshiba Cinema Series HDTV. I couldn't be happier, after screening it against other widescreen CRTs in its size. My living room isn't big enough to justify anything bigger, and I get irritated looking at projections screens (yeah, even the DLPs I find lacking).

When I needed a small TV for my bedroom, I ended up getting a 20" model at Best Buy that had a flat (non-curved) picture tube, component and S-video inputs, and stereo speakers. I think I paid about $170 for it, and it's fine for what we want it to do.

When buying a smallish set, just keep in mind what you are going to want to hook up to it. DVD player? If so, try to find a set with at least S-video inputs, and component video inputs if possible.

Good luck on your purchase--I'm sure you can find something that will make you happy.

TMF Uberman
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