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Subject:  Re: SS conclusion Date:  11/10/2003  10:25 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  219 of 1845

<<Heh, heh! There's always a slight sense of frustration when a good rant produces a well reasoned response!

Oh, dear, how thoughtless of me! Would this be any better

How DARE you take away my social security?!? I paid it, they PROMISED I would get it, and I will HAVE it, by golly!! You are nothing less than a cur to compare ME to your DOG. Did your DOG vote you into the office of Bone Giver? Is your DOG smart enough to PAY social security? How can you compare a BONE to my SOCIAL SECURITY RIGHTS anyway? This is so much MORE important than your dog's bone, SP, and don't you forget it!!!

*InLivingColor composes herself while straightening her tie*

Heh,heh! again. (Double Heh, heh!s in serial posts are very rare!)

Ahhh, yes, that's the emotional reaction I see so often!

I suppose you can't blame people too much though. They have been fed lies by politicians for decades and it's not too surprising that people believe them after a while. And of course, it keys into our self interest and ability to fool ourselves, frequently very powerfull.

Seattle Pioneer

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