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Subject:  Re: Healthcare coverage Date:  12/6/2003  1:51 PM
Author:  mcain6925 Number:  1495 of 5224

Just out of curiousity, for those either planning or retired early -- how are you addressing healthcare coverage (other than if you're a vet)?

Retired early, triggered by the company being acquired and the entire 1700 person headquarters staff getting axed. This was in the cable/telecom field, which has been consolidating rapidly over the past ten years. One of the acquisitions put me and a small number of others in the position of being able to stay on the company (and successor firms) health and dental plans as if we were employees. So I pay the same $77 per month for family coverage (the company's share is much larger than that, of course) that I paid while I was working. This was the standard retiree deal at the company where I spent most of my 25 years before the consolidation binge started.

I figure that at some point the current company will find a way to get out of the deal and cut me off, despite the promises that were made to me for most of my career, obligations that they acquired as part of the purchase. At that point, the plan is to buy real health insurance -- we'll pay the first $XXXX in expenses each year, and the insurance company will pay beyond that. Protection against catestrophic illness, not against visiting the doctor because the spouse or I have a sore throat. I am maintaining a couple of memberships in professional societies that have group arrangements for such policies.
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