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Subject:  Early retirement just isn't an option in our cas Date:  12/8/2003  11:25 PM
Author:  HarrietB Number:  1507 of 5088

My husband is 2-1/2 years older than I. We've worked it out that he will retire at age 66 (December 31, 2006, which is also his birth month), go on Medicare, and I will continue coverage through his company policy under the COBRA rules for 18 months--then also switch to Medicare.

He had always dreamed of retiring early, but some things just aren't possible in this life. We will instead spend the next three years getting ready to retire with a bang. We are taking sailing lessons, and plan to buy a sail boat and live aboard. Over the next three years, we will dispose of "Things" we have accummulated over the 30+ years of our marriage, letting the three children have what they want, and take what they want for their children. The rest will be sold or given away. I have already shipped ten boxes of china and crystal and sterling flatware to our only daughter, and am now starting on the collectibles. It's amazing what a liberating feeling it is! And think what grief will be avoided when the last of us dies--nothing for the children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren to fight over! :)

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