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Subject:  Re: I'm so excited..... Date:  12/10/2003  1:44 PM
Author:  WeeBeastie Number:  1521 of 5138

Care to share what you've done that helped you get to that point?

Sure. Sorry it's been so long since the initial post, but I have been really busy this week.

To be honest, I haven't done anything earth shattering. Just the same old stuff always touted on TMF. Living below my means, maxing out any tax-advantaged savings accounts and then saving more on top.

I don't have any inherited wealth.

I don't have any super-duper quadruple percent return a year investment strategy.

I don't even live in a low cost of living area (I live in SF Bay Area).

I don't live a life of deprivation, but I do evaluate every purchase with an "is this of value to me" preface similar to that detailed in YMOYL. That really stopped me from spending "because I deserve it", "because I have the money" etc. My DH has a much higher value threshold than me, and this is clearly demonstrated by the cars we each drive. However, he's getting better, and knows that I'm not taking away his choices, just asking if it's worth xx months/years of work for whatever. He comes to his own conclusions.

Sometimes I drive myself nuts trying to decide if a 99c bottle of nail polish is really of value!

On investment strategy, most of our money is in index funds. What I did do as a result over the past couple of years is watch what the average P/E ratio is on the funds (large, mid, small caps). I "rebalanced" my portfolio not on the traditional recommendations, but to try and lower my risk. I thought large caps were still a little rich, and small ca