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Subject:  Re: I'm so excited..... Date:  12/10/2003  1:44 PM
Author:  WeeBeastie Number:  1521 of 5138

Care to share what you've done that helped you get to that point?

Sure. Sorry it's been so long since the initial post, but I have been really busy this week.

To be honest, I haven't done anything earth shattering. Just the same old stuff always touted on TMF. Living below my means, maxing out any tax-advantaged savings accounts and then saving more on top.

I don't have any inherited wealth.

I don't have any super-duper quadruple percent return a year investment strategy.

I don't even live in a low cost of living area (I live in SF Bay Area).

I don't live a life of deprivation, but I do evaluate every purchase with an "is this of value to me" preface similar to that detailed in YMOYL. That really stopped me from spending "because I deserve it", "because I have the money" etc. My DH has a much higher value threshold than me, and this is clearly demonstrated by the cars we each drive. However, he's