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Subject:  Retiring to Scotland Date:  1/5/2004  5:41 PM
Author:  WeeBeastie Number:  1705 of 5138

On another thread, mazske asked if I would put together a detailed post on my decision to retire back to Scotland, including the pros and cons.

I should begin by saying that I'm Scottish, so it wasn't that I had to scout the world for a place to retire to (otherwise I might have ended up in New Zealand!)

I was planning to retire here in the US at age 43 (ten years time), but I was going to push my DH out another 5 years or so to secure health benefits in retirement (he works in education and had great retirement benefits – if you stick around until retirement age!).

One day while working on a Sunday, DH called me to whine and made some comment about retiring to Scotland. I was floored as I thought he'd never consider such a thing. He said he would go back to Scotland if we were retired as we could get away to get some sun whenever we wanted. That led to a very frenzied two days of me running calculations, researching stuff on line (house prices, car prices, taxes, US-UK income tax treaties etc) and I couldn't believe that we could retire in five years. So that was how the decision came about.

The pros and cons of retiring to Scotland specifically would be:


1. Free healthcare. Well okay, it's not free it's government provided. I figured that the costs of healthcare in the US were the biggest obstacle to ER: not necessarily because of the cost right now, but the unpredictability going forward. In the past few years we've seen huge premium increases across the indus