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Subject:  Re: What percentage of gross? Date:  1/5/2004  8:35 PM
Author:  FoolNBlue Number:  1711 of 5224

hehe, you took some time studying me synchronicity! Unfortunately, I make far less than your deduction. I count all taxes in that figure.. utilities, property, both halves of payroll taxes (it is being spent by my employer for my labor.. just that I never see it). Sales tax is 7% in my county although food/meds are not taxed and that is kind of nice.

While the "tag" on my initial post was just an observation with respect to expenses/savings (and regrettably started an OT tangent), I think I have every right (heck, I'll go so far to say even a duty) to point out immoral and unjust government expenditures. It is just flat out wrong and I feel personally violated and would like to see my "representatives" called on it. I am very much aware that every tax dollar is taken under threat of death. It may sound extreme to say that but is it really? If I don't pay my taxes, a process starting with nasty letters and ending with guys with guns will ensure that I pay up and, yes, possibly kill me -especially if I defend myself. IMO, the government should recognize the extreme threat taxation is to liberty (our Revolution was largely based on unfair and unethical taxation) and only tax and spend to the minimum extent necessary to perform essential legitimate government functions.

FWIW, I am a civil servant and never forget where my office's budget (and my paycheck) comes from and I do my best to see that the taxpayers' are not screwed on my watch -as far as my position and authority allow me to do so. I take that part of my job very seriously and think our political leadership should do the same.

FoolNBlue (Concerned Citizen)
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