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Subject:  Re: What have you owned? Date:  1/7/2004  1:03 PM
Author:  CatBarber Number:  30302 of 73104

In Order? No. But here is what I (and my family growing up) have owned.

Mercedes 220 Diesel (two... my dad had one and my sister had one). This is the car I learned to drive on. Both were stick shift.

Peugeot 504 Diesel - The most difficult stick shift I've ever learned to drive. But once I got the hang of this car, every other manual I've ever driven has been really simple. This car was FUN to drive.

1969 Buick Skylark - Drove this in High School. Loved it! Automatic, with long bench front seat that I could adjust with the touch of a button. With a bench seat, it was easier to pile all my friends in and go driving.

Olds Cutlass Salon - This car was also pretty fun to drive. The back was so light that I often had to put water-softener 50-pound bag of salt in the trunk in the winter so the back end wouldn't spin in the snow. That worked like a champ.

VW Van (in the 60's and early 70's). This was what my older siblings had to fight over when they needed to drive somewhere. I remember riding in it, but we sold it before I learned to drive. It was very utilitarian.

1980-something Jetta Diesel - Ugh. Rigid seats (not horribly uncomfortable, but not exactly plush), LOUD engine, was hard to hear the radio when I drove. Handled well though.

Buick (?) Diesel something-or-other - The was my Dad's at one time and I drove it a lot. This car was fun when I had a tailgater behind me. I'd give the person a faceful of gray smoke and he (or she) would not drive too close to me after that. Handled ok.

VW Golf - LOVED this car. Handled like a racecar in some ways. Not squishy steering... it was very responsive. What drove me insane about this car was the driver seat belt. It started on the floor and had to be connected above your head, right behind the door. If it was not plugged in, the engine would not start. That's fine, except it often didn't *make the connection* - I had to get rid of this car after someone ran into the side of me (the kid ran a red light and hit my driver door and back door). Best feature of the car: I could listen to the radio without needing to have the key in the ignition.

Honda Civic Wagon - Good car.
Honda Civic 2-door Hatch - Good Car.
Honda Accord LX - My current car, and I love it.

1985 Dodge Colt - Great beater car, reliable, not too expensive to maintain.

1975 Corvette Stingray - Love to drive this car. Well designed for the driver, because I can see from every angle when I drive it. I like the *feel* of the engine when I drive it.

Volvo Wagon - It turns ON A DIME. Impressive for such a long vehicle. I've driven smaller cars that could not make a U-Turn in a residential street. This car could.

I think that's the complete list.

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