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Subject:  Re: Retiring to Scotland Date:  1/7/2004  1:47 PM
Author:  Aranknitter Number:  1741 of 5222

I had never heard this before your post. Why is Britain so attractive to illegals?

Because we allow anyone resident in Britain to draw welfare without a qualifying period, and to draw it for an unlimited amount of time.

In France, you have to work for two years before you can draw any welfare. Same in Germany and most other EU countries. In fact some EU countries set the bar higher than 2 years. But in Britain, noooo... you can claim welfare the minute that you move into the country to live.

Also, there is no limit on the time you can draw welfare. Here in the USA you have a lifetime limit on the amount of welfare you can claim, and so welfare is mainly used only in an emergency as it should be.

The above situation is why you have Sangatte - that big French camp of illegals right by the Channel Tunnel station on the French side of the Channel. The illegals cross Europe to go to Sangatte and then try to smuggle into the Chunnel trains from there. The French turn a blind eye, as long as the illegals are passing through France on their way to Britain (rather than trying to stay in France) then they don't mind maintaining Sangatte for them...

Britain is trying to shut Sangatte down now, I believe. However, IMO, rather than trying to shut down Sangatte which is on French soil and under French jurisdiction, what the British Govt *should* do is require 5 years of work before being able to claim welfare, like other EU countries - or limit the term of welfare just like the US does.
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