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Subject:  Re: What have you owned? Date:  1/8/2004  9:18 AM
Author:  SRHCB Number:  30356 of 73165

RE: weco: "I wish I had all my old cars ..."

Nice list. A few I have to comment on. (I'd forgotten about motorcycles, since I usually only ended up with them as the result of a vehicle trade and never was a very good rider. I always figured if God had wanted man to ride on two wheels he wouldn't have given him four.)

RE: "1947 Royal Enfield 350cc single Motorcycle"

I had a late 50's Royal Enfield Twin. The engine/tranny castings were so beautiful I was tempted to display them alone.

RE: "1953 45 Cu In Harley"..."it was in a pile at a friend's ranch, what's left of it.."

I had a basket case 45 once and would love to find another. I think that unless you're a 6'7" 300 pounder, the big Harleys are grossly disportionate. A stripped Sportster is okay, but the 45 were scaled to the average human. There used to be something called a "Magnum", which was Sportster barrels on the 45 case, which I've always wanted to try. Of course, you can imagine how long the tranny lasted with that!

RE: "1953 Studebaker Commander (Metallic lavender)"

A beautiful car. (but, Lavender?)

RE: "1954 Triumph T110 40 cubes.. moved it into a rigid frame, lightened it up, painted to match the '53 Stude.. Top end was only 70mph, but it got there in a hurry.. fun bike, but marraige, kids ended it until '76.. "

Another bike with beautiful mechanicals. (I had a BSA Lightning for a while) But, "Whitworth" nuts & bolts!

RE: "1957 Chev Bel Air 2 dr Hardtop Ð 283 cu in + Auto (Power blue, white top, that nice gold V on the hood)"

Still one of the Amercian classics. I always liked the 55's best myself, but the whole series was great. I always apologize on behalf of stock car racers for how many of these great cars we butchered and wrecked.

RE: "1954 Chev PU 6 cyl+ 1T 4 Spd Trans.. (Liked a HD tranny w/compound Lo) DW was hit in the side by a VW, totaled it, (bent frame) but they were OK.. I had just primered and was ready to repaint.. gone.."

This body style is really catching on; witness GM's own "new" version coming out. Several of my customers have 49-54's in various states of cutomization.

RE: "1966 Ford Mustang 6+3Spd (powder blue) - bought at 50k, sold at 90k.. good mileage, handy car, but I was commuting 80+ miles one way every day, so went to the Maverick.."

The 60's version of the 55-57 Chev. The same comments apply.

RE: "1970 Ford 3/4T PU Ð Auto 360 cu in - bought used at 100k, put another 100k on it.."

Back when pickup trucks had real frames. There are guys who actually restore/reman this series.

RE: "1970 Ford Maverick 6 Cyl 3 Spd (bought new -Tan/gold) kept it for almost 300k)"

A (subconscious?) ommission from my list. I had a 70 Maverick Grabber with only a couple hundred miles on it that I took in trade, (along with a Honda trial bike and some cash), for my Avanti. I drove it for a while until I got tired of inadvertently honking the horn with the "rim-blow" steering wheels, (one of Ford's less successful innovations, but one of their most suggestively named), and sold it back to the Ford dealer at wholesale price/

RE: "1978 F250 Ford PU 460 cu in, Auto - bought new - then the gas went over $1.."

Just in case anybody still has one of these, (I had this engine in a cube van for racing business), unbolt the carb, toss it as far as you can, bolt on a Holley. The gas savings will pay for it in no time.

RE: "1982 Ford F150 6 Cyl + 1Ton 4 Spd trans - Another HD tranny

I had a matched pair of these for the engineering business, identical except one had the 302/5 spd and the other the 6/4 spd. The 6 cyl lasted twice as long, timewise, because everybody scrambled to drive the V8 instead.

RE: "I think I'm due for the new Ford F250 SuperCrew PU... maybe next year.. Or the next.."

As you can tell by my list, I'm an old fan of American Iron, and I like the new Fords, but I'd have to suggest checking out the new Toyota pickups. My Brother has one and it's great. I assume to new Nissan models will be nice too.

SB (could post about old cars all day, but ...

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