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Subject:  Re: What have you owned? Date:  1/8/2004  9:18 AM
Author:  SRHCB Number:  30356 of 71742

RE: weco: "I wish I had all my old cars ..."

Nice list. A few I have to comment on. (I'd forgotten about motorcycles, since I usually only ended up with them as the result of a vehicle trade and never was a very good rider. I always figured if God had wanted man to ride on two wheels he wouldn't have given him four.)

RE: "1947 Royal Enfield 350cc single Motorcycle"

I had a late 50's Royal Enfield Twin. The engine/tranny castings were so beautiful I was tempted to display them alone.

RE: "1953 45 Cu In Harley"..."it was in a pile at a friend's ranch, what's left of it.."

I had a basket case 45 once and would love to find another. I think that unless you're a 6'7" 300 pounder, the big Harleys are grossly disportionate. A stripped Sportster is okay, but the 45 were scaled to the average human. There used to be something called a "Magnum", which was Sportster barrels on the 45 case, which I've always wanted to try. Of course, you can imagine how long the tranny lasted with that!

RE: "1953 Studebaker Commander (Metallic lavender)"

A beautiful car. (but, Lavender?)

RE: "1954 Triumph T110 40 cubes.. moved it into a rigid frame, lightened it up, painted to match the '53 Stude.. Top end was only 70mph, but it got there in a hurry.. fun bike, but marraige, kids ended it until '76.. "

Another bike with beautiful mechanicals. (I had a BSA Lightning for a while) But, "Whitworth" nuts & bolts!

RE: "1957 Chev Bel Air 2 dr Hardtop Ð 283 cu in + Auto (Power blue, white top, that nice gold V on the hood)"

Still one of the Amercian classics. I always liked the 55's best myself, but the whole series was great. I always apologize on behalf of stock car racers for how many of these great cars we butchered and wrecked.

RE: "1954 Chev PU 6 cyl+ 1T 4 Spd Trans.. (Liked a HD tranny w/compound Lo) DW was hit in the side by a VW, totaled it, (bent frame) but they were OK.. I had just primered and was ready to repaint.. gone.."

This body style is really catching on; witness GM's own "new" version coming out. Several of my customers have 49-54's in various states of cutomization.

RE: "1966 Ford Mustang 6+3Spd (powder blue) - bought at 50k, sold at 90k.. good mileage, handy car, but I was commuting 80+ miles one way every day, so went to the Maverick.."

The 60's version of the 55-57 Chev. The same comments apply.

RE: "1970 Ford 3/4T PU Ð Auto 360 cu in - bought used at 100k, put another 100k on it.."

Back when pickup trucks had real frames. There are guys who actually restore/reman this series.

RE: "1970 Ford Maverick 6 Cyl 3 Spd (bought new -Tan/gold) kept it for almost 300k)"

A (subconscious?) ommission from my list. I had a 70 Maverick Grabber with only a couple hundred miles on it that I took in trade, (along with a Honda trial bike and some cash), for my Avanti. I drove it for a while until I got tired of inadvertently honking the horn with the "rim-blow" steering wheels, (one of Ford's less successful innovations, but one of their most suggestively named), and sold it back to the Ford dealer at wholesale price/

RE: "1978 F250 Ford PU 460 cu in, Auto - bought new - then the gas went over $1.."

Just in case anybody still has one of these, (I had this engine in a cube van for racing business), unbolt the carb, toss it as far as you can, bolt on a Holley. The gas savings will pay for it in no time.