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Subject:  Re: Radiant Heat System Date:  1/10/2004  5:14 PM
Author:  rsprang Number:  44483 of 137404

I think it's really a moot point, as long as the idea is to keep the floor always warm (as opposed to wanting to heat it on a moments notice). Once the heat is in the pipes, it will eventually end up in the floor, minus a small loss through the insulation. Methods of dispersing the heat more quickly will heat up the floor faster, but will also require the heat in the pipes to be turned on sooner.

That's the point, though - some heat in the pipe will NOT end up in the floor, which is the efficiency I referenced. More of the heat from the water will end up in the floor and room with fins, less will end up in the floor and room without fins. The difference is significant, but if the room is warm enough for you, and the loss of efficiency is not a concern, there isn't really a problem with it.
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