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Subject:  Re: Radiant Heat System Date:  1/13/2004  4:16 PM
Author:  rsprang Number:  44587 of 137201

Well, it will eventually be transferred to the room. But the important part is that regardless of the transfer method, BTUs in = BTUs out. Eventually, the water will cool to the same temperature as the room, having transfered all the excess heat to the room.

Only in the macro sense - if this were stationary water, the water would eventually cool to the temperature of the room. However, in the case under discussion, the water is being reheated, so the water won't ever cool to the room temp.

A small amount of the energy is wasted heating the plastic itself and transition through the pipe walls, but it's a relatively insignificant amount.

Nope, not wasted.

Perhaps the term "consumed" would make more sense (though in the macro sense, of course, energy can't be "consumed"). It take energy for the heat to pass through the walls of the pipe. That energy does not contribute to the heating of the room. But, as I said, it's a very small, possibly insignificant, percentage of the total energy.
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