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Subject:  Re: Hartford Annuities Date:  1/16/2004  1:40 PM
Author:  TTRoberts Number:  38577 of 88775

<< Hello....I am about to invest $500k split between variable and fixed Hartford Annunities. The fixed is paying 4.6%, and invests almost all in American Funds which I have had forever and perform very well. >>

I'm not sure I understand you're use of “fixed” since a Fixed Annuity in actually invested in the insurance company's general account. . . .????

<< The variable has quite a high up front fee....2% of 250k. I see Vanguards is lower....but Vanguards customer service seems to be a question for some on these boards. I also plan on investing in some in Cal-e-for-nya.....(that is Arnold's translation). However, with the possible looming interest rate increase, that may not be wise. >>

I feel what you may want to focus more on are any of the riders that can reduce your investment risk. Hartford has some good guarantees that Vanguard does not have (as yet as far as I know).

<< Anyone have any comments about Hartford? Calif Bonds....etc...or other suggestions? >>

Hartford is a very good company and provides very good annuities of various types. And they have been very creative in developing excellent riders for variable annuities that can reduce the investment risk that variable annuities have had in the past.

<< Husband and I are 45 yrs old, 2M in cash flow, and would like to retire by 55-60 yrs. Still plan to be gainfully employed till 55 or so with about $125,000 annually. >>

At these age brackets . . . I feel it's well worth looking into variable annuities with the riders that guarantee principle. Yes, of course there's some cost there. But when you evaluate risk vs. return issues, these annuities with these riders can be very attractive (contrary to most opinions on these boards <grin>).

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