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Subject:  Re: Hartford Annuities Date:  1/16/2004  2:47 PM
Author:  TTRoberts Number:  38585 of 78165

Wlombo, you asked:

<< Hmm....these are all good suggestions. I am concerned about one thing though....the pricipal at death. It can be set up for benificiary, or I believe put back into the estate. Not sure but I will check. >>

The principal can be guaranteed against any investment loss through the addition of a rider. So, you will want to discuss this in detail with your advisor(s). For an immediate annuity where you're receiving an income, the principal can also be protected when you select a “Period Certain” option. This too should be discussed in some detail with your advisor(s).

<< These are all good questions to ask. I trust the advisor that I have...yes she is making a fee from the Insurance company, and I am paying up front for variable...but I think if I am comfortable that she will continue to watch my portfolio....and I am spending a little more in 'fees' for someone I trust, I guess the upcharge might be ok if the return and customer service is worth it.

Any more questions to ask or more 'red flags' to watch out for before I sign on the dotted line? This is rather scary!

If you and this advisor have not been discussing the estate planning issues, then you'd better find a good experienced advisor who you can discuss this with BEFORE you sign on