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Subject:  Re: Brinks — is it worth it? Date:  1/18/2004  6:41 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  44795 of 137315

Or they can simply ram down the front door; raise the garage door; pull a van into your garage; steal all your jewelry, your new dell, and anything else quick and easy to grab — and drive off. It'll take a while for the alarm company to call to verify it isn't a false alarm, and for them to call the police, and for the police to actually respond.

Actually, we had an alarm system at our house in Pittsburgh. We walked through the door "incorrectly" a couple of times until we got used to it, and they were on the phone, calling the house by the time we could get to the kitchen. If the phone wasn't answered in 5 rings, they called the police.

If the phone was answered, we had a "code" word which we gave them to tell them everything was OK. To make it interesting, they accepted any word you gave them, but if it was not the correct word, they would call the police, assuming you were under duress and were being forced to answer the phone. Likewise, there was a "duress" code for the keypad, in case someone jumped you at the front door and made you disable the alarm; then you would put in the "duress code" (just one digit off from the regular code) and they would automatically call the police.

I have no idea what the going rate is, but we paid about $20 a month for the service. Since I travelled a great deal back then, it gave Mrs. Goofy peace of mind to "close up" the house at night when I wasn't there. There was also a "panic alarm", very much like a TV clicker, which she kept near the bed.

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