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Subject:  Re: Brinks — is it worth it? Date:  1/18/2004  7:07 PM
Author:  emtwo Number:  44800 of 137319

Is it worth it? Has anyone used it?

We have ADT, pay about the same.

It depends on what you get for your $28.00 dollars I guess.

I get a discount on my Homeowner's policy because I manintain the monitoring.

If I am away from the home, and the smoke alarms go off, and there is nobody around to answer the phone when the alarm company calls, they call the fire department.

If the house is broken into, and there is nobody to answer the phone with the alarm company calls, they call the police department.

The thief could cut the phone line, preventing the police from being notified, but it would take hime 20 minutes to find the circuitry that is pumping 120 dB of gawdawful noise outside, and my neigbors are a nosy bunch...

Then their is the emergency medical option, where I have two transmitters, one upstairs, one downstairs, that when activated will summon an ambulance.

Is the peace of mind I have knowing all those people are looking out for me worth it?

It is for me. The only person that can decide the answer for you is you.

JMHO, of course.



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