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Subject:  Re: Brinks — is it worth it? Date:  1/23/2004  8:43 AM
Author:  Colovion Number:  45067 of 137194

If I'm to believe him, they can, under some circumstances, be a deterrent. They don't guarantee you protection against anything, though.

I work in law enforcement, and part of my job is to do security audits of buildings. As far as crime prevention goes, having a security alarm is never a bad thing.

Most of the time thefts are crimes of opportunity, the thief is looking for the easiest target available. I work at a University, we have plenty of bookbags stolen out of our libraries because people simply leave them unattended while they go to look for a book, run to the restroom, or (and I swear this is true) leave for a few hours to go to class and eat lunch, which gives thieves more than ample opportunity to steal the bookbag. Most thefts are preventable if you eliminate the opportunity, and a security alarm will remove the opportunity for most thieves.

However simply buying an alarm and turning it on isn't enough. You also have to take other precautions, such as making sure mail/newspapers don't pile up while you're on vacation, having your lawn mowed or snow plowed if you will be gone for awhile, changing locks when you first buy a house, taking care about whom you give access codes and keys to, own a dog, etc. The object isn't to make your house a fortress, nobody wants to live in a prison, but you do want to make it as uninviting for theives as possible.

Frankly if you have an alarm and they can't tell if someone is home or not, a thief will most likely look for an easier target. As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so do all you can to prevent thieves from having any opportunity to victimize you.

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