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Subject:  Re: Brinks — is it worth it? Date:  1/23/2004  4:34 PM
Author:  Radish Number:  45092 of 137320


Colorado has a "make my day" law - you can kill people who break into your house and not get into any legal trouble. I believe you have to prove that you felt your life was in danger (so you can't kill your spouse you just locked out if they break a window to get back in). Even if the burglar doesn't have a gun, you can shoot them dead.

Under the old law, you had to feel you were in danger AND you had to be cornered (that is, you had to have no reasonable way to flee) before you could use deadly force. Also, you had to use the least practical force. People who defended themselves and then chose the wrong words to say were getting in trouble, so lawmakers decided to change things.

Under the new law (often called "make my day") you don't have to be cornered, and you don't have to show that you felt you were in danger. If there's an intruder inside your house, you can use whatever force you feel is necessary to protect yourself or others. You are presumed to be justified in your actions.

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